Here’s Why Your Brand Needs SEM In Singapore

Did you know that more than 35% of customers discover products through an online search in Singapore? Compared to that, direct mail only accounts for 4%, while TV is far behind at 16%. SEM or search engine marketing is about paying the search engines for placing ads for your products strategically in search results, for relevant keyword searches. Companies are spending huge on Google ads in Singapore, and it makes sense, because it allows them to remain competitive and get consistent exposure. However, it is also necessary to plan your SEM campaign carefully.

Should you spend on Google ads?

Google owns more than 70% of the search market, and people trust Google for search results. When your products come up on the top of search results, it adds certain level of credibility to your brand, and since the products are within easy reach, chances of getting a sale is extremely high.

How to make the most of SEM?

Search engine marketing is more than just about having a budget. Brands in Singapore are working with creative ad agencies, so that they can maximize on the strategies and trends. If you want to spend on Google ads, it is necessary to have a plan. We strongly recommend that you check for reliable marketing firms and ad agencies and seek their inputs on the campaign. Be practical about the budget, because it requires more money than SEO, and talk to the agency in detail as how they can add social media marketing to the mix.

In conclusion

SEM has the potential of ensuring online exposure for your brand, and combined with social media and SEO, the results can be surprising. Just ensure that you have hired the right agency for the job, and don’t shy away from discussing their strategies for both SEO and Google ads.